Evan Chaffee Creative



Six Dead, None The Wiser | Dark Comedic Thriller
A Gonzo Noir Parable
Two amatuer grave robbers, a psychotic hitman, his scheming accomplice, a coke dealer and a cheating housewife are seduced by the proverbial three gates to hell: lust, greed and anger. Over a 24 hour period, each of them pay a heavy psychological and potentially fatal price for their sins in this dark comedic thriller.

Exteriors. | Fantasy Comedy Drama
Jermaine Withers is stuck in his head. After getting blackballed from his longtime career, he presses the restart button in an effort to pursue voice acting. While contemplating the past and worrying about the future, his voices prove to be his best allies and greatest enemies as he tries to prove to everyone that his new dream doesn’t make him crazy.


The Civilized Beast | War Epic
Spaghetti Western
A journalist leaves rehab early for a special assignment following one of the military’s top performing officers who is set to take command of an infantry regiment in Afghanistan. As the officer inspires his men and unites regional warring tribes, the government begins to question the allegiance of their new, successful leader.

King of the Nerds | Comedy
After being elected the national youth president of a prestigious camping society, a young man begins to question whether he has bitten off more than he can chew while praying he hasn’t professionally peaked at age 16.

Untitled Project | Thriller/Horror
The fates of two screenwriters, two private investigators, a 1970’s budding Japanese developer and his construction crew are intertwined by an abandoned Okinawa resort construction site where historic graves were desecrated for the sake of greed.

Untitled Project | Romantic Comedy
Boy meets girl on a dating app and, convinced they’re in love, sets up a first date. Due to the long journey from their distant hometowns, and for safety purposes, they each decide to bring a friend for what ends up turning into a whirlwind of comedic destruction, insanity and unexpected outcomes.

Untitled Project | Science Fiction/Thriller
When a young search engine coder decides to test his artificial intelligence programming on a cloud based personal email and storage system, the program quickly improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the system until it learns beyond its means. As a result, the AI attempts to control rather than destroy all of humanity.


After Late Night | Dark Comedy
The highs and lows of a self-important former late night talk show host who struggles to keep the limelight after being forced to retire from his show.

Political Machine | Absurdist Comedy
An idealistic underachiever is convinced by a local businessman to run the “perfect” candidate for city council, a robot. As campaign manager, all sanity is pushed to the wayside while managing political party and community lunacy.

Unencumbered | Comedy
Two best friends attempt their own version of post collegiate adulting by working temp nine to five jobs as well as a series of seedy Craigslist “professional” opportunities. While neither of them truly know who or what they want to be, they hope the journey will lead to some iota of personal success, meaning and happiness.


In Your Head | Dark Comedy
A young man pondering life questions his sanity after a telepathic conversation.


Trickle | 1980's Drama
Story by: Joseph Palumbo Written by: Joseph Palumbo, David Li, Evan Chaffee, Henry Maroney, Theo Friedman
Producer's Guild of America Make Your Mark Weekend Short Competition
A thuggish goon, a sleazy in debt realtor and two friends at odds with one another use relationships, perceived economic growth and social pressures of the era to make an important decision. 

Achievers | Dark Comedy
Written by: Evan Chaffee, Henry Maroney, Theo Friedman
48 Hour Film Project
A brother and sister are sick of their invasive father meddling in the wine business he gave them. As a result of mixed communication the two have to clean up a deadly mess.


Depth | Psychological Thriller
A recently unemployed man must fight violent feelings and inner demons as he is unable to obtain work due to a manipulative, unethical former employer. Utilizing cyclical storytelling, this psychological thriller explores desperation and schizophrenia during the great recession.

Blue Haven | Coming of Age
A group of vagabonds provide solace and inspiration for a grieving young woman and an aimless young man who, together, come to realize that strength and resolve comes from within.