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Nye Green

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Nye Green is a filmmaker who graduated from Goddard College at the age of 19. His thesis project, the film “Tolkien’s Road” is a prime example of his style of storytelling which involves characters faced with emotional struggles and inner turmoil.

Nye Green was home-schooled through high school and was encouraged to follow his passion for storytelling from a young age. Writing his first script at the age of 5 and making his first film at the age of 8, Nye has grown up on the set and feels most at home when he has a camera in hand.

Nye’s passion for storytelling lies in the idea that imagination fuels reality. He believes in using the classic battles between good and evil as a dramatic representation of the internal struggle we all go through.

“Tolkien’s Road” is about famous fantasy author J.R.R. Tolkien’s journey to overcome the trauma of fighting in WWI and begin writing his first book. Along the way he is aided by the fantastic characters that will later appear in his novels as face ghosts and demons from his past. The film has screened at multiple film festivals and conventions around the world, and has been translated into five languages.

Other works by Nye include the dramatic crime/noir short “Belfast Boys” which is presently on the festival circuit, the inspirational short film “Searching for Happiness” which sold to Spiritual Cinema Circle, the short horror “The Woods” part of a 96 hour film contest, for which it won best picture and the short supernatural thriller “Empty” which is currently in post production.


Nye taking pictures while on location for the short film Depth.

Nye taking pictures while on location for the short film Depth.

Nye in a preproduction meeting. 

Nye in a preproduction meeting.