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At the Speed of Time (A Construct of Our Own Design... Demise?)

(Weds, May 9, 2018) Where did the time go!? How has it been four months since the last post? I have so many updates and this hardly scratches the surface...

The Anniversary Mix - Moet Champagne Competition
Position: Producer

Magic Touch - Newport Beach Film Festival
Position: Asst. Producer


In Your Head - Austin Spotlight Film Festival
Position: Writer, Producer, Director, Editor
Still waiting to hear from 3 more film festivals. 


I recently finished recording a voiceover for a political commercial that will air on television throughout the State of California. I'll provide an update once it starts airing on television. 



Depth | Scheduled Shoot Date September 2018

Depth | Scheduled Shoot Date September 2018


Depth - Psychological Thriller
More on this topic in my next post!

Untitled Mockumentary
In pre-preproduction...

More to come!

Evan Chaffee