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I leave for one day...

(Thurs, Sept. 28, 2017) I officially closed out my portion of the Friend Request nationwide feature film marketing activation on Monday. So grateful for the opportunity to work with the team that brought me on. For the most part, the brand ambassadors who ran our booths across the country did a great job working with the limitations and obstacles presented at each site. In a matter of ten days we set up booths at: 

  • The Dallas Comic Show (2 Days)
  • The University of Washington Football Game (1 Day)
  • Denver Auraria Fall Fest (2 Days)
  • University of Minnesota Bookstore (1 Day)
  • San Diego State University (1 Day)
  • Arizona State Volleyball Tournament (1 Day)
  • St. Louis University Homecoming (1 Day)
  • University of Southern California (2 Days)
  • Atlanta Women In Horror Film Festival (3 Days)
  • New Jersey Horror Convention (2 Days)
"You're a monster!" 

"You're a monster!" 

University of Southern California "Fight on!"

University of Southern California "Fight on!"

Yesterday I arrived in Burbank to return some marketing gear and start producing a film with fellow collaborator Patrick Martucci. Of course, after I arrived in LA, a piece of film equipment I ordered in June was finally delivered to my home. To say I've been eagerly waiting for this to arrive is an understatement. 

May I introduce my new Smove Pro Stabilizer...

Last year I put together a video filled with coastal footage all filmed on my iPhone. While it's not too shaky, it could have been enhanced and made more dynamic with a piece of equipment like the Smove Pro Stabilizer.

I anxiously await the opportunity to play with my new stabilizer next week upon my return home.

Evan Chaffee