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Be unexpected.

Be unexpected.

Yesterday I attended the first annual Taiwanese American Film Festival at the Downtown Independent in Los Angeles. My friend was working the event so I had the opportunity to ride solo and soak in the experience. After chatting with a reporter from the LA Times, I took a step back to check a work email. When I looked up next, an incredibly friendly festival attendee was standing there with a big smile ready to shake my hand. He didn't know me from Adam but he welcomed me without reservation. Next thing I knew, we were deep in conversation about film, storytelling and our respective work. By then end of our chat, I felt lucky to have met him.

How often are you somewhere by yourself surrounded by people, yet feeling isolated? Sometimes all it takes is reaching out to a stranger with a smile and a handshake. Sure, it's uncomfortable and doesn't always yield results but life isn't necessarily about being comfortable or winning all the time for that matter. Don't be the person in the corner on their cell phone (me), be the person who owns the room by welcoming the people within.

Pictured: Eugene Suen, Lynn Chen (Saving Face), Alan Pao (It Follows), Kai Wu (The Flash), Charles Yu (Westworld), & Kelvin Yu (Master of None).

Evan Chaffee