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48 Hour Film Project

(Friday 8/5) This past Friday I worked with two other screenwriters on putting together a script for the 48 Hour Film Project. To make the experience more interesting we were assigned elements that we were required to include in the script. 

These elements include:
Genre - Buddy Film, Biography
One character had to be named - Austin or Ashley Cheever
The wine industry had to be apart of the story somehow
The Prop - a wallet
The line of dialogue - "we only have a few minutes"

(Update 8/7) So, after writing this script my co-writers and I were told that we weren't allowed on set because that wouldn't make the director feel "comfortable." By the time I originally posted this, I hadn't heard how the short film turned out. Today, I learned that the director wasn't entirely happy with the score placement... and she rewrote the script without sharing any of the edits. Also, we were promised writing credit (not that we'd want it since we don't even know what she did to the script) but she conveniently forgot to have us sign the paperwork to join her group. As a result, she'd get disqualified if she gave us writing credit. 

(UPDATE 8/19) I still haven't seen the film they made. I'm inclined to film my version. I plan on making that happen in the next couple of weeks.