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Introducing: The Creative Collective

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(Monday, Nov. 6, 2017) If you've heard me lecture or worked with me on a project, you would know how much I value and work to surround myself with a community of collaborative allies. The Creative Collective  is an extension of that underlying personal philosophy. This is a group of creative professionals that I have worked with and trust to get the job done in the most efficient and effective manner. 

Over the years, I became annoyed by two particular problems while producing creative content. One: whenever I needed to fill specific roles within productions, I'd rack my brain trying to remember who was capable and whether they were available or not. Two: most creative professionals don't have the time or ability to communicate/showcase their skills and work.

At times, the journey can be a lonely one. After a friend was asked to serve on an entertainment panel I asked what he had online to showcase his work on the off chance some opportunities might present themselves. After it was revealed that he didn't have any social media pages or even business cards, The Creative Collective was officially born. 

As a public relations/communications/creative professional it was incumbent upon me to find a way to support this community of professionals who have so much to offer. Look at this as a one stop shop to find your needs as it pertains to film, writing, producing, production, art, etc. 

As time progresses, more and more people will join the ranks already working to advance their careers on this page. If you are interested in joining the collective, hiring a member or establishing some sort of partnership - please feel free to contact me! 

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Evan Chaffee