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Ricking Morty Live Podcast Season Finale

(Sunday, Oct. 1, 2017) I've enjoyed the last few days working with creative collaborator Patrick Martucci in North Hollywood. Most of our work has been devoted to reading old material and preparing for future projects. We've decided to start developing my short film Depth over the next few months.

For a little R&R, we decided to attend the Ricking Morty live podcast in Burbank. For some reason the email update letting us know the location was moved went straight to spam. Fortunately, some fans, also in the wrong spot, gave us the update as they drove off. 


Fortunately, we arrived at the new venue just in time to be among the last people allowed in under the occupancy/fire code limit. While the sound was a little hard to hear, the episode was well received and the conversation after the episode was pretty entertaining. Always a pleasure hearing behind the scenes details from some of the show's creatives. 

Evan Chaffee