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Smarter Social Media Lecture

I've been a proud supporter of Soka University since my first encounter with the institution in 2013 when I started taking on students as interns in both legislative and campaign capacities. Not only have I been impressed by their consistent quality but also their professionalism. After years of working with their fantastic Intern Director, Andy Marcos, I was introduced to the Director of Special Projects, Mary Patrick Kavanaugh, who was gracious enough to invite me to provide a lecture on Smarter Social Media last year.  

Pictures from my first lecture in 2016

Pictures from my first lecture in 2016


The students were respectful, attentive and asked great questions throughout. While I had one hour, it was hardly enough time to scratch the surface regarding techniques and strategies available to advance a budding professional's presence online. 

Fortunately, I've been invited back to continue the series! With that in mind, I'll be focusing on LinkedIn as well as utilizing business and personal websites to showcase individual skills and abilities. My hope is that students will walk away with a clear understanding of the marketplace and what it takes to gain access to professional opportunities. 

I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to interact with such great students! 

Evan Chaffee