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The Demonstration That Nearly Broke LinkedIn

The LinkedIn demonstration. 

The LinkedIn demonstration. 

(Wednesday, October 11, 2017) If I could go back and emphasize one thing from my lecture at Soka University today, it would be - "Live Outside The Box." Take what you think you know, forget about it and look at the situation from a different angle. What we learn in the classroom (& in life) is a valuable launching point to help us become innovators in everything we do. 

Today, we reviewed Smarter Social Media practices with regard to LinkedIn and professional websites. As with most things in life, we cannot solely rely on these platforms to build a career. Instead, they can serve as a place to showcase your work while improving professional profile visibility. Most importantly, understanding these tools and how to create a synergy between them can simplify marketing strategies while giving you more time to actually live your life. (Note: don't live your life on social media. If anything, force social media to motivate you to live your life).

A highlight was demonstrating some of the tools on LinkedIn by taking a picture with the class. Much to my surprise, my ugly mug didn't break my camera or LinkedIn. Of course, I tested plenty of stand up material on the students which only reinforced the "Old Man Chaffee" jokes I peppered throughout the lecture.

Many thanks to Mary Patrick Kavanaugh (Soka's Business 2 Business), Andy Marcos (Intern Opportunities Director) and Robyn Dizes (Careers Services) for the opportunity to interact with such impressive students. As I've said before, these emerging professionals will be a great addition to your team! 

Evan Chaffee