Gabrielle d'Earlin Preston



I was introduced to acting at a very young age. Both my parents were actors and encouraged my twin brother and older brother to do the same.

When I was a baby, I booked my first commercial for Target.  Going on auditions with my brothers was so much fun. I remember coloring in the waiting room until we were called in to audition. My parents always made the experience a good one. As we got a bit older it was hard for my parents to balance taking three kids on auditions, while trying to keep up with homework, school, birthday parties and the simple joys of being a kid. So they took us out of the acting world to enjoy our childhood.

We then went on to accomplish great things in our academic lives. In 2014, I graduated with a Degree in Communications from UCLA. Though I had some great job offers on the table, I turned them down to resume my career in acting.

Since I started back in the industry I have taken classes with extremely talented coaches. I've also taken several Second City improv classes and was accepted into their conservatory program. After a year of taking classes I signed with a commercial agent, Clear Talent Group's Young People's Division. I've recently been signed by the adult department for Clear Talent.  I was sent on 8 auditions and booked four!  

From 2016-2017 I appeared in commercials for MTV/M&Ms, Wrangler Jeans, Sketchers with Sugar Ray Leonard and FreeME, a board game. I've also learned that you can never wear too many hats in this industry and have recently signed with Sirena Models.

Though I am just getting started, I have already had the opportunity to work with 3 incredible photographers over the past month. While commercial acting and modeling are awesome, I've found that I am the happiest when I get to develop a character for film and television. I am currently  working on my acting reel to secure theatrical representation.  This industry is crazy and exciting but there is nothing I'd rather do.


SAG-AFTRA Eligible

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